Galartis combines three areas of activities: an auction house, two art expert offices and a contemporary art gallery.


The auction house of Crissier offers about fifteen auctions a year (auctions of Swiss and international art, general classic auctions  – furniture, works of art, civilization art, wines, exceptional cars -, Auctions of fine jewellery and watchmaking, Old Masters, photographs, Street Art as well as current auctions.

The art expert office has a dozen specialists which establish inventories, evaluate or calculate estimations. These interventions may take place in the framework  of an inheritance inventory which is to be shared or a sale between heirs, for insurance purposes, relocation or simply for the assessment of a heritage.

Cathrine Niederhauser’s Art Gallery, in the heart of Lausanne, offers a dozen exhibitions of artists from various fields (photgraphy, sculpture, art paintings, comic strips, street art) and participates each year in several shows.



The team